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TwixT and Hex

Posted in Uncategorized by pgadey on 2010/04/17

Derek and I like to play abstract strategy games together. In highschool we both got hooked on Hex, a very elegant game with simple rules. Derek went so far as to beat Hexy on every single difficulty setting and board size — which is remarkable since Hexy plays well. Hexy has a really interesting approach to playing Hex that combines Shannon’s electrical resistance methods with automatic theorem proving techniques; you can read about it on the website. We usually play games on Richard’s Play by E-mail Server. So far we’ve played: Hex, Abalone, Y, Zèrtz, and TwixT. We both really like connection games ; Abalone and Zèrtz are the only non-connection oriented games on the list. We also used to try out games on PlayOK, back when it was called Kurnik and one could play Hex.  We played a little Awari there, a beautiful african game I could never get the hang of.

A couple days ago, Derek started up play by e-mail boards that I haven’t got around to moving on yet. One 11×11 Hex board and a TwixT board. We’ve only played two games of Twixt thus far and I’m not sure that it suits my tastes. This third round might be the one that decides how I feel about the game. Right now I find the adjacency structure put on the grid by TwixT aesthetically unappealing. There are too many acute and obtuse angles for my liking.

Once we’ve played out the two matches, hopefully I’ll post a commentary.

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