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MAT 237 – Week 1a

Posted in 2016 -- MAT 237, Lecture Notes by pgadey on 2016/05/08

This blog post contains my notes for MAT 237. It includes links to the peer instruction slides, practice problems, and some additional references for the curious. Blackboard photos are below the cut. Peer Instruction questions and problem solving work sheets are available two days after being shown in class.

  • The peer instructions questions for this lecture are available here.
  • The problem solving worksheets for this lecture are available here.

Photos due to Mikhail Kamalov. Thanks for sending these in!

Doing the Readings

Given the structure of the course, it is very important that you do the readings before lecture. We do not ask that you perfectly master all the material in the textbook before class, we only want to make sure that you have a general grasp of the material. Primarily we want you to read definitions and theorem statements. In lecture, we will ask you lots of questions about these items. You need to know what the words in the questions mean, that’s why we encourage you to do the readings.


In order to make it through the prescribed readings we advise that you:

  1. Print the notes
  2. Write on the notes with pencil
  3. Identify content that confuses you
  4. Make summaries of what you’ve learned

Some useful things to write on your copy of the notes include:

  • Why? — Ask yourself why a statement is true.
  • WDTM? — An abbreviation for “What does this mean?”
  • Good. — You understand the concept, and probably will never need to review it.
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