Parker Glynn-Adey

The Epsilon-Delta Story and Examples

Posted in 2016 -- MATA31H3F, Lecture Notes, Uncategorized by pgadey on 2016/09/21


Epsilon-delta proofs are the cornerstone of rigorous mathematical analysis.

To help you out, I’ve written up some additional notes on this material.

  • Examples of epsilon-delta proofs: contains some proofs with epsilons and deltas.
  • The Delta-Epsilon Story: This is extra material to illustrate the purpose of epsilon-delta proofs. It’s a fictitious dialogue between Alice and Bob, two students in MAT A31, who disagree about the value of \lim_{x \rightarrow 3} (2x + 3).

[Graphic by User:HiTeOwn work, Public Domain,]

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