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MAT B41 — Week 6

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Term Test is this Friday. Reading week is next week!

We have a modified class schedule this week.

  • Tuesday: Taylor Series and Review.
  • Thursday: Class Survey and Work Period, everyone is invited to bring problems to practice.
  • Friday: Term Test, will be held Friday afternoon.


Term Test Policy

From the Course Syllabus, we have the following policy:

The Term Test will be written outside of regular lecture hours. If you cannot attend reasons of creed or religion, then you will must contact Parker as early as possible to arrange for an alternative sitting. If you miss the midterm test for medical reasons, you must contact Parker within 24 hours of the test.

You will need to send a UTSC Verification of Student Illness or Injury form:

Students who miss the midterm test will be asked to provide the Verification Form and a timetable for the next five days. You will be given only one opportunity to write the make-up test.

Parker scheduled to the midterm to avoid Ramadan, but he forgot about Eid Al-Fitr. If you want to celebrate Eid with your family, instead of writing the midterm at the usual time, please contact Parker immediately.

The Week after Reading Week!

Parker will be traveling to STLHE 2018 and the IBL Workshop.

Our Tuesday evening lecture will be delivered by Ivan Khatchatourian.

Our Thursday morning lecture will be delivered by Ray Grinnell.

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