Parker Glynn-Adey

Installing Ubuntu 18.04 on Asus Zenbook 13 UX333F

Posted in Computers by pgadey on 2020/03/08

To access the BIOS on boot:
Hold F2 and restart the laptop.

With factory defaults, the machine is not set up to play nicely with bootable USB keys. You will need to remove the secure boot keys. To so do, open up the BIOS and go to Security. Select “Secure Boot” and then Key Management. This will show a list of various security keys, their sizes, and origins. (This probably voids some warranties. Proceed with caution.) Select “Restore Factory Keys”.

To install from a bootable USB key:
Again, the BIOS is not set up for this. You will need to add in the bootable USB key by hand. To do so, insert your bootable USB key. Open up the BIOS, and go to “Boot”. Select “Add New Boot Option” and then “Path for boot option.” Select the USB key (mine is called “HDD USB 30GB”) If you’ve made a bootable Ubuntu installation USB key, select EFI, then BOOT, then BOOTx64.EFI. This will create a new boot option. Go back to the “Boot” menu in the BIOS, and move the new USB option above the hard disk option. Reboot, and install Ubuntu.

Back-up and synchronization managed by syncthing. For details on using syncthing with Linux, see the docs.

You can manage closing/opening the laptop lid using systemd. Edit: /etc/systemd/logind.conf to include:

Brightness management:

sudo find /sys/ -type f -iname ‘*brightness*’

This turns up the file:

Changing the value in that file alters the brightness.

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