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Ursula Franklin: Warrior for Peace by Stacey Gibson

Posted in Quaker by pgadey on 2020/04/07


For the full piece see: Ursula Franklin: Warrior for Peace by Stacey Gibson

When I met Ursula, I was doing some mildly innovative stuff in our Quaker Meeting. We were doing a year long read through of a booklet called Advices and Queries. She had not been attending very frequently, because she was quite old. Anyway, she came up and chatted with me during tea time on day. Grilled me about the stuff that I was doing in the Meeting. She was very curious and also willing to share her perspective.

I got to interact with her and Fred a couple more times before they passed.
This is from the copy of Advices and Queries that I inherited from her.

I believe in God, who is Love and who has given the Earth to all People.
I believe in Jesus Christ, who came to heal us, and to free us from all Oppression.
I believe in the Spirit of God, who works in and through all who are turned towards the Truth.
I believe in the Community of Faith, which is called to be at the service of all People.
I believe in human rights, in the solidarity of all People, and in the power of Non-Violence.
I believe in the beauty of Simplicity, in Love with open hands, in Peace on Earth.
I dare to believe, always and in spite of everything, in God’s power to transform
and transfigure, fulfilling the promise of a new Heaven and a new Earth where Justice and Peace will flourish.
“It is finished — Father, into your hands I commit my Spirit.”

Good Friday Service, Toronto City Hall, 1984

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