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String Figure: Tartoruterjuk

Posted in string figures by pgadey on 2020/10/25

This is a traditional figure of the Arviligjuarmiut people. It is made near Kugaaruk, Nunavut. These instructions were adapted from: Mary-Rousselière, Guy. Les jeux de ficelle des Arviligjuarmiut. Ministère du Nord Canadien et des ressources nationales, 1969 p. 67.

  1. Form Opening A
  2. Thumbs picks up radial little finger strings.
  3. The indices pick up the ulnar thumb strings.
  4. Left thumb picks up distal radial string from right thumb.
  5. The right thumb releases its loops, and enters all three left thumb loops from the proximal side.
  6. The thumbs travel over all the strings and pick up the ulnar little finger string.
  7. Navaho the bottom three thumb loops.
  8. The thumbs get the distal ulnar index strings.
  9. Navaho the thumbs again.
  10. Release the little fingers.
  11. The little fingers enter the thumb loops from the proximal side, and catch the transverse string, hooking it to the palm.
  12. Release the thumbs.
  13. Navaho the indices and extend.
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String Figure: Jackhammer

Posted in string figures by pgadey on 2020/10/25

This figure was invented by Joseph D’Antoni of Queens, New York.
These instructions were adapted from String Figure Magazine Vol.6(4) Dec 2001 p. 15-17.

  1. Form Opening A
  2. Release the little loops.
  3. Rotate the thumb loop away from you, and place it on to the little finger.
  4. The right thumb enters the index loop from the proximal side and gets the radial little finger string and returns.
  5. Release the right little finger loop.
  6. The left index loop is transferred to the left thumb.
  7. The left little finger loop is transferred to the left index.
  8. The index loops are rotated towards you on to the thumbs.
  9. All the fingers enter both thumb loops from the distal side.
  10. Flex the strings back and forth to animate the Jackhammer


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