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String Figure: Outrigged Canoe

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As part of my current highschool mentorship project on string figures, I’m recording string figures that we study. Here are two views of the figure, Outrigged Canoe, which one looks better to you?

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Anki Spaced Repetition

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If you’re looking for spaced repetition software, check out Anki. It is a great program.

There are other good programs that do spaced repetition.

Extra Office Hours

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Happy Thanksgiving!

There will be additional office hours from MAT A29 and MAT A31 on Friday Oct 14th from 11am to 2pm in IC 481.
Feel free to drop by for a cookie and some math!

Running Late

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Hi — MAT A29,

I am running late this morning. Please expect a short delay.

The Epsilon-Delta Story and Examples

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Epsilon-delta proofs are the cornerstone of rigorous mathematical analysis.

To help you out, I’ve written up some additional notes on this material.

  • Examples of epsilon-delta proofs: contains some proofs with epsilons and deltas.
  • The Delta-Epsilon Story: This is extra material to illustrate the purpose of epsilon-delta proofs. It’s a fictitious dialogue between Alice and Bob, two students in MAT A31, who disagree about the value of \lim_{x \rightarrow 3} (2x + 3).

[Graphic by User:HiTeOwn work, Public Domain,]

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Office Hours!

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Office Hours

This week we had great attendance at office hours. We solved some questions on the white board in my office; the photos are available below the cut.

To make things more convenient:

Office hours are now 11:30-12:30 on Tuesday and Thursday, and 11-1pm on Wednesday.


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Trigonometry Review

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Some notes that I prepared about trigonometry are available here.

The notes sketch things like y = 2 \sin\left( \frac{1}{3}x \right) + 4 and solve equations like \sqrt{2} \cos( 3\theta) = 1.

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MAT 237 — Week 3a

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This blog post contains my notes for MAT 237. It includes links to the peer instruction slides, practice problems, and some additional references for the curious. Blackboard photos are below the cut. Peer Instruction questions and problem solving work sheets are available two days after being shown in class.

  • The peer instructions questions for this lecture are available here.
  • The problem solving worksheets for this lecture are available here.

Question 4 and Question 6

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These questions kept coming up during my MAT A33 office hours. The notes below are an extended set of hints for these questions.


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The Hardware and Software of Theoretical Machines

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The Hardware and Software of Theoretical Machines

(This blog entry is a written summary of an pair of talks given at Canada Math Camp on 2015-07-28 and 2015-07-30. The official notes are on

Computers are all around us. This fact is so self-evident that writing it down, on a computer no less, is slightly embarassing. And yet, very few people ever talk about exactly what a computer is. Whenever it comes up one feels like St. Augustine, who said: “What is a computer? If no one asks me, I know what it is. If I wish to explain it to him who asks, I do not know.”

This talk is an informal introduction to the formalizations of computation adopted by Alonzo Church and Alan Turing, the two Great Definers of Computation. We’ll also say something about Charles Babbage because he too was awesome.