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STLHE 2018 — Day 3 — I watched some talks! (And played with toys.)

Posted in Teaching and Learning by pgadey on 2018/06/21
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STLHE 2018 — Day 2 — We Gave the Talk!

Posted in Teaching and Learning by pgadey on 2018/06/20

We gave the talk! The slides are available here:

Start, Stop, Continue and Ticket Out of the Door: Collecting and
using student feedback to improve teaching in a large first-year math
by Xinli Wang and Parker Glynn-Adey (University of Toronto Mississauga).

It worked out great and we got lots of good feedback about feedback! Afterwards, I attended: Design Thinking as Method, Madness & Mindset by Farhad Dastur of Kwantlen Polytechnic University. We did the marshmallow tower challenge, and it was super fun. We started building early on and managed to cooperate well under pressure. Photos below the cut.

I also had a lovely chat with Diana Skzrydlo, where she outlined her work on teaching students Markov chains by having them play a simulation game. You can read a bit about it at the bottom of her teaching blog here.

Some photos from the day are below the cut.


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STLHE 2018 — Day 1 — Pre-Conference

Posted in Teaching and Learning by pgadey on 2018/06/20

Lots of great ideas today! Ahg! It was amazing. I went to a workshop on conducting SoTL research. That was the first session of the pre-conference, and it made the whole conference worth while. I am thrilled.

Some great references and guides:

Journals that are highly connected to the conference:

Some reference to track down in Toronto:

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STLHE 2018 — Day 0 — Introduction

Posted in Teaching and Learning, Uncategorized by pgadey on 2018/06/19

I am currently at Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 2018 in Sherbrooke, QC. The plan is to post a short little video everyday of the conference to keep people updated on how things are going. Stay tuned!

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