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Simple Stop Motion with ffmpeg

Posted in Computers, Uncategorized by pgadey on 2020/09/12

Andrew Lindesay has a nice script for simple script for using ffmpeg to do stop motion:

ffmpeg -framerate 10 \
-pattern_type glob -i '*.JPG' \
-vf scale=640:-1 -c:v libx264 -pix_fmt yuv420p \

This works great for compiling photos shot by a GoPro!
The shots are labelled chronologically by frame number:


So, the -pattern_type glob -i '*.JPG' argument picks them up in order.

The argument scale 640:-1 automatically resizes frames to 640xY and preserves the aspect ratio. This might not be what you want, but it makes for small videos.

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Bruce and Katharine Cornwell Films

Posted in Math by pgadey on 2020/04/08


Bruce and Katharine Cornwell produced beautiful animations of mathematics back in the 1960s. I watched the first couple minutes of their film “Possibly So, Pythagoras” (1963) and learned half a dozen pleasant things.

Check out their films, available on Vimeo here.

You can read the memorial from Reed College here.

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The Nature of Things: Martin Gardner

Posted in Math by pgadey on 2019/06/03
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Polya on Guessing

Posted in Math, Uncategorized by pgadey on 2019/04/19
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STLHE 2018 — Day 1 — Pre-Conference

Posted in Teaching and Learning by pgadey on 2018/06/20

Lots of great ideas today! Ahg! It was amazing. I went to a workshop on conducting SoTL research. That was the first session of the pre-conference, and it made the whole conference worth while. I am thrilled.

Some great references and guides:

Journals that are highly connected to the conference:

Some reference to track down in Toronto:

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STLHE 2018 — Day 0 — Introduction

Posted in Teaching and Learning, Uncategorized by pgadey on 2018/06/19

I am currently at Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 2018 in Sherbrooke, QC. The plan is to post a short little video everyday of the conference to keep people updated on how things are going. Stay tuned!

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Final Poster Presentation Demo

Posted in Math by pgadey on 2018/04/29
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String Figure: Outrigged Canoe

Posted in Math, Uncategorized by pgadey on 2018/02/09

As part of my current highschool mentorship project on string figures, I’m recording string figures that we study. Here are two views of the figure, Outrigged Canoe, which one looks better to you?

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